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Get Involved! 'The House That Built Me'

From a young age, my mom never doubted my ability to become a successful Interior Designer. My very first design experience was when she allowed me to design my entire bedroom. From that moment on, I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up.

'I still remember that bedroom! My mom let me choose whatever combo I wanted. She took me to the local paint and wallpaper store and I came up with a design similar to this. I'm pretty sure she told me that my room was going to look like an ice cream parlor. Needless to say, she loved my new room as much as I did!"

Now, twenty-something years later, my husband is one of my biggest encouragers. He supports all of my ventures, including The House That Built Me interior design project. Ashley Pate Interior Design has grown tremendously over the years, so more now than ever before, we have the desire to give back!

The House That Built Me is an interior design project geared toward helping hard-working single mothers transform their home environment. During my time as a professional interior designer, I have learned the importance a living space has on human behavior and stress levels.

Psychology of Color was an interesting course I took in college that explained the impact interior design and colors have on our confidence, productivity, energy levels, and even attitude. What I do as an interior designer is more than selecting great furniture pieces or styling bookshelves to look like a magazine centerfold image. I create spaces to make people feel good, and I want to spread that love to the single, hard-working mothers in our community!

Here at Ashley Pate Interior Design, we believe that everyone deserves to live in a beautiful space that makes them feel happy and relieved to come home. We invite you, as our fellow community members, to join The House That Built Me. There are a variety of ways you can get involved!

Volunteer Your Time and Resources

We definitely could use your hands-on assistance in many of our projects! If monetary donations are not your thing, donating your time is also a great way to give back. For many of our interior design projects, we will need painters and handymen. Anyone can help, though! We will also need assistance with assembling furniture, deliveries, cleaning, unpacking, and hanging wall decor & artwork.

Donations Are Always Welcome

We welcome all donations whether you are providing cash donations or even additional materials to complete a project. There is no donation that is too big or too small. Monetary donations will go far in selecting the right pieces for each family. Also, we encourage you to check out our Amazon Wish List for an updated list of items needed for our most recent projects. This is a great way to donate physical items that you know for sure will be utilized!

Help Us Spread The Word!

One of the most important ways you can help The House That Built Me become a successful interior design charitable cause, is to simply share our information. Hitting "share" or "retweet" on social media posts is a quick and free way you can help us! This will further our reach and encourage even more people to reach out to join our cause.

Become a Sponsor for Our Cause

Partnering with a local charitable cause, such as The House That Built Me, is an amazing way for businesses to build brand awareness and image. In addition, it is a wholesome way to advertise your business' services or products, gain access to new audience members, and create a positive image for your company.

We welcome local business owners, or even big corporations, to reach out to us if our cause hits home close to your heart! Ashley Pate Interior Design and The House That Built Me would be proud to partner up for mutual benefits.

We are happy to speak to you about how we can partner with your business to create positive environments and lifestyles for hard-working single mothers. In addition, we are excited to share our ideas with you on how collaborating with The House That Built Me will have a positive impact on your brand.

We Welcome You To Join Us!

If you are not sure how you can best get involved in our important interior design project, please contact us. We are happy to speak to you more about how you can best serve our community through The House That Built Me!

Together, we can make a difference one home at a time!

Until next time...

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