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APiD has moved!!!

I know, I know, I promised a reveal of my new office weeks go! Where does the time go?

Would you believe me if I told you that my very first office (well, my very first APiD office) was in our master closet?

When we moved to McKinney in 2006, Avery was only 9 months old and Talon wasn't even a thought yet. Our "3-bedroom" house was really a 2-bedroom house with an office. So, when Talon came along he took over the office/third bedroom.

As our kids got older and louder, every time a client would call me, I'd find myself hiding in my closet to talk on the phone. One day, while I was on the phone I realized this would be the perfect office space for me. We had another closet in our bedroom, so I converted the walk-in closet off the master bath into my office.

I LOVED that little office space!

When we moved again in 2014, I finally had a real office in our house! I'm about to start another project in that office because...

A few weeks ago, I moved into a new office space outside of our house! I love my new office more than any office I've ever had!

Since APiD is a One-Woman-Show, I decided to design something fun and unexpected!

I LOVE pink!

I LOVE gold!

Note: If the pictures on my portfolio wall look crooked, they are!

I need to put something behind them so the frames will stay in place.

I LOVE black & white!

And, I LOVE the unexpected!

The kids LOVE the mini refrigerator that J surprised us with and the snack basket (Ok, I LOVE it too)!!!

It's been so much fun designing my new office, however I hit the ground running once I moved in. I took a couple weeks off this summer right before school started, so once I got moved in and the kids were back in school-I've been working my tail off everyday!

I'm sure I'll be adding and changing things around in the weeks to come, but I'm loving it so far!

It's small, cozy, and absolutely perfect! It has a great view too!

Live with what you Love,



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