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Back in July, I was contacted by a Travel Accommodation Company out of California to design an upcoming project they had in Dallas.

This type of design project was a first for me, but I couldn’t have enjoyed it more!  I hope to design more projects like this in the future!

The scope of the project was a high rise apartment at Victory Place in Dallas that will be available through Airbnb.  The Travel Accommodation Company requested that the design somewhat reflect the city (Dallas), and there were a few other requirements, but basically the company told me that they were very impressed with my design portfolio and gave me free rein to design this space!


I had my one-and-only onsite visit of the space in July!  I spent a couple of hours taking detailed measurements, LOTS of notes & photos of the apartment to help with the design stages of the project.


I wouldn’t be able to access the apartment again until the end of August, and at the time I would have exactly 1-week to complete my design of the space!

That week fell right before school started, and I began to feel overwhelmed with taking on this project with everything else I had going on. J had already started his football season so I was solo on getting the kids to their regular activities, and both kids had Meet the Teacher Night (on different nights) that week! My mom is always willing to help, but that week she was supposed to be helping take care of a family member after surgery so she couldn’t help either.

I kept praying that I would be able to handle everything that week because this was a design project first of its kind for me, and I was really excited to take it on!

J decided he would take off a day to help me if I needed it, which he NEVER takes off work-especially during football season!  I know he was excited for me about this fun design project!

Then, I read this verse a couple of days before my mom called telling me that she had written down the wrong surgery date and she’d be able to come help me ALL WEEK!

bible verse

He knew I needed my Momma that week!

Since this project was a high rise apartment in the heart of Dallas, I wanted an upscale design with a slight Texas flare!

Here is my design board of the apartment…


The day I gained access to the apartment, my mom and I loaded up my car and J’s truck with accessories & small furniture pieces, and headed down to Dallas!


Talon was with me in J’s truck while Avery rode with my mom.

Once we arrived at the apartment, we used the loading dock and freight elevator to unload all of our goodies!


 Avery was super impressed that I could back a truck up to the loading dock!  

Little does she know, I can even back a trailer-and she’ll learn that too!

The apartment is on the 12th floor so it has an amazing view!



Of course, I made everyone get a picture on the balcony before I put them to work!



Avery helped pick the perfect paint color for one of the bedrooms…



Unfortunately, my painter cancelled on me last minute, so guess who got to help paint?



Sometimes things don’t work out the way we planned, but in the end it works out better!

This was one of those times!

Nana and Avery did a great job putting together the TV cabinet.


The furniture delivery guys did a great job too!


The design of the apartment started coming together quickly and it was stunning when it was finished!

1201_Print (20 of 42)


1201_Print (14 of 42)

1201_Print (5 of 42)

DESIGN TIP: Paint the back of  your shelves to add a pop of color and accent your accessories…





1201_Print (29 of 42)



1201_Print (3 of 42)

I chose a very simple elegant design for the apartment, adding a pop of green!

I chose to use green for 2 reasons…

1. I had these beautiful sequin pillows saved for the perfect project!

2. The Pantone 2017 Color of the Year is Greenery!

1201_Print (19 of 42)

The color scheme was perfect!

Live with what you LOVE,


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  1. What an amazing week seeing your vision come together beautifully ! What a gorgeous finished project! You have such a keen eye for color and design! Awesome!

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