Birthday Party Ideas (for girls)

We celebrated Avery’s 11th Birthday over the weekend, so today’s blog post will consist of Birthday Party Ideas for Girls!  

We have had some pretty fun “Over The Top” birthday parties for Avery!  



Avery’s 1st Birthday Party was definitely one of those “Over The Top” parties!  We rented a huge bounce house (which I’m not sure she even got in), and we celebrated in our backyard with tons of friends and family!


Since I didn’t have an iPhone back then, you’ll have to use your imagination on these first couple of parties (I know if I searched long enough I could find some cute pictures)…

Avery’s 2nd Birthday was a Butterfly Party!  This was one of my very favorite parties she has had!  Avery wore cute butterfly wings and our entire backyard was decorated with butterflies!  She and her friends enjoyed a Butterfly Hunt (think Easter egg hunt) in the backyard!

Avery’s 3rd Birthday was a Flamingo Party!  A party full of outdoor water activities and pink flamingos, everywhere!  





Avery’s 4th Birthday was a Candy Party!   This was another cute party theme!  She had a party with tons of colorful candy, even on her birthday cake!


Avery’s 5th Birthday was a Petting Zoo Party!  This was by far Avery’s very favorite party!  She is an animal lover!!!



Avery’s 6th Birthday was a Princess Tea Party!  She has always loved our wedding china, so she asked for a Princess Tea Party so that she could use our “fancy” cups and saucers!  I let her dress up and use our “fancy” cups on her real birthday, but then she had a sleepover party with her friends for her actual party that year! 


My sister (Bree Davis Photography) took this picture, and it’s still one of my all time favorites of Avery!


Here’s Avery’s cupcakes and Barbie cake for her sleepover party…




Avery’s 7th Birthday…Help!!!  I can’t even remember what we did for Avery’s 7th Birthday!

Avery’s 8th Birthday was a Petting Zoo Party, again!  I think from the minute Avery could talk she begged for a petting zoo party (for any occasion)!  Her 5th birthday party was such a huge success that we decided to do it again!  Avery loved this party just as much as the first time!



Avery’s 9th Birthday was A New Puppy Party!  Nothing says Happy Birthday like a new puppy!  We had to say goodbye to our 14-year old chocolate lab not long before Avery’s 9th birthday, so what better way to help heal our broken hearts than with a new addition to our family, Zoey!



Avery’s 10th Birthday was a SURPRISE Party!!!!!  Avery loves surprises and since she was turning double digits, I thought this would be the perfect party!  She had a mermaid theme surprise party at our neighborhood pool!





And just like that, our little girl turns ELEVEN!  Avery had a fun filled weekend with friends!

Friday night she had a sleepover… 




(She was so excited when she opened her gift from Aunt B, a mermaid blanket!!!!!)

Saturday she went ice skating…



And Sunday (her actual birthday), we had lunch at her favorite restaurant Olive Garden!


(singing Happy Birthday to her)

After lunch, we headed to McKinney Trade Days!  I’m sure Avery was hoping for another birthday puppy!…”Not this year, sweetheart!”


However, she got to love on her friend Camdyn’s new puppy!  


(Avery & Camdyn)

Lastly, since this post is all about GIRL Birthday Parties…I’m beyond excited to announce that I will be getting my very first niece soon!  My brother and sister-in-law will be welcoming their daughter into this world very soon and Auntie Ashley is so excited!!!!!  I’m blessed to have 5 adorable nephews, but Avery has been the only girl cousin.  Girl clothes/accessories are so much fun!! 

While we were at McKinney Trade Days yesterday, I bought Avery and baby girl Stephens (I’ll let mom and dad be the first to announce her name) matching head wraps!  If you haven’t seen these yet, they’re for all ages and THEY ARE TOO CUTE!  364

I can’t wait to get a picture of the two girl cousins together in their matching head wraps!

Live with what you LOVE,








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  1. Loved all of Avery’s birthday parties! You always come up with such cute party ideas with that special “designer flair”. Can’t wait to see what great ideas her future birthdays bring!

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